MBA Grad with a Passion for Writing!

As an independent contractor and freelance writer, I launched Writing Solutions That Rock! to offer contracts for teaching, marketing, proofreading, content writing and editing.


  Priscilla has combined the best of two worlds: A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies (2011 – GPA 3.87) and a Master of Business Administration Degree (Marketing Specialization - 2013 – GPA 3.83). This blend equipped her to organize and write information as it applies to business topics. Communication studies’ psychology training provided her with the necessary knowledge, insight, and sensitivity to help others maximize their organizational potentials and focus on business strategy activation. This coursework combination can drive needed change in today’s highly diverse global economies with ease and deliver favorable results. 

She is a writer and life-long learner who is passionate about using effective communication and developing talent in others. She is looking forward to applying her experience, skills, and business knowledge to make a positive organizational impact, working full-time (30 to 40 hours a week) in a 100% virtual position. Priscilla is an advocate for active lifestyles. She makes maintaining memory, focus, and energy a high priority by incorporating exercise and a balanced nutritional diet as part of her daily routine. She enjoys tackling challenges head-on and finding solutions. 

She feels that her private, well-equipped, quiet home-office inspires productivity; making it a crucial workplace tool. Priscilla’s professional office includes hard-lined high-speed internet (100 megs), two printers, a dedicated fax, and audio/visual communication access. Priscilla is thankful for her supportive family and friends who encouraged her to be all she can for God. She believes people are never too old to pursue and reach their educational and career goals; hence, fulfilling their destinies. She likes purple, the aroma of fresh coffee, writing, research projects, and seeing dysfunctional workplace behavior transformed into empowering leadership action. As an advocate for investing in relationships, Priscilla enjoys meeting critical thinkers with a zest for life.